Become an App Designer with Sketch in just 2.5h

Do you have something in mind that could change the world? But you haven’t got the abilities to visualize it yet? Are you a developer and want to learn more about UI and UX?

Are you tired of your current job and want to start a whole new career as an app designer?

Don’t worry! In this post I’ll provide you with a guideline of how to get started with mobile app design. In the end of this article there will be a little surprise for you. So stay tuned 😉 Before we start let me introduce myself.

Who am I?

I’m Bruno I’ve designed several apps and founded the platform . I created an online course which teaches designers (and not-yet-designers) how to use Sketch and succeed with an App-Startup.

What is Sketch?

Sketch has become the best tool for designing mobile Apps. It is used by the most innovative and disrupting Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM, Paypal and many more.

Let’s start

I divided the process of learning Sketch into 9 sections. The first one is all about the Basics of Sketch and getting along with the interface. Although Sketch is very intuitive, I think it’s a good way to begin.

In the next step we’re going to design our first mini app and preview it on a mobile device. You can do this in just a few minutes. How cool is that?

After that it’s time for some design fundamentals. I will briefly explain terms like UI/UX and dos & don’ts of mobile app design. In the next chapter we’ll recreate the whole Snapchat App. By copying existing designs your learning curve will increase tremendously. You’ll get a feeling for colours, proportions and the right user flow. #copytolearn

Now you’ll create a wireframe. A wireframe is a simple layout of an app which shows only the crucial parts of an interface. You won’t go into great detail here. After we’ve done that, we create a clickable prototype using the wireframe you’ve just drawn(1) and the Snapchat App(2) we’ve created before.

In addition to that we’ll create several App Icons. Icons are so important because your app will be judged based on the icon. It’s the first impression of your app. The user will decide instantly whether the app meets his quality standards or not. By creating a unique and recognizable symbol you can’t loose.

The next section is about earning money while learning Sketch. I’ll show you different ways how to make up to 2000$ with an App Design and how to monetize your existing apps.

Last but not least we’ll go through the complete process of designing an App from the first idea to the final launch. I will summarize the most important information within each step.

I guess all of you are here for the little surprise I promised to you.

So here it is: You can get the whole ‘App Design with Sketch Course’ for just 15$. The Coupon Code is SALE15. The Coupons are limited. You can find the course here. Enjoy & See you in the course.